Welcome to the Full of Faith Christian Center (FFCC) Ministries. God has ordained FFCC under the leadership of Dr. C. Ray Calhoun, Pastor along with his wife Evangelist Peggy Calhoun. FFCC was established to teach the Kingdom of God and to show believers how to live as Kingdom citizens; righteous and abundant lives according to the principles of the Holy Bible. It is our desire to see every partner of this ministry walk in God’s best spiritually and naturally.

Full of Faith Christian Center was established in October 1992 in DeSoto, TX. The ministry was the birth of the vision that Pastor Calhoun received from God commissioned him to teach believers how to grow from “babes” to maturity who could lead lives that would significantly impact communities and the world.

We want you to know that God has now commissioned you through your partnership with FFCC to become actively involved in this ministry’s work. We admonish you to pray and ask God to reveal to you in which capacity of the ministry He would have you to serve. Jesus told his disciples when they questioned Him about being the greatest in the Kingdom; the greatest among them would be the one who serves.

God’s best will be yours as you begin to walk in His will. It is our sincere prayer that you continue in the blessings of Christ and that you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers.

Servicing the Kingdom