Mission Statement

To bring all into a deeper knowledge and truth of God, through Christ, that God will be glorified through a life of good success, spiritually, physically, and financially – challenging them to be more than just average.

Dr. C. Ray Calhoun, Pastor

Pastor Calhoun’s call to ministry is based on helping believers to fulfill their God-given purpose and grow into mature Kingdom citizens. Kingdom citizens who learn to live each day with a winner’s attitude despite life’s obstacles. Kingdom citizens who learn to live the abundant life that is promised to those who are studying and living according to the principles of the Bible.

Full of Faith Christian Center's 5-Phase ministry vision includes a new worship center, a “Dreamers” Youth center, the H.O.P.E [Helping Other People Excel] Community center, the FFCC Institute Int’l Primary School (K-6) and the Secondary School (7-12).

Full of Faith Christian Center has been positively impacting lives for almost thirty years. Spreading the message of love for all God’s creation and empowering people to live a life of purpose. We believe in teaching and training people about winning in life. We have seen how touching the lives of people and giving them the opportunity to generate and cultivate their dreams and aspirations allows everyone in our community and surrounding communities to benefit in the end.

Communities thrive and are in a better position to prosper. We will continue uplifting and servicing the local and global community through Full of Faith Christian Center Inc.